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Signs and Banners

A wide selection of background and vinyl colors is available, plus your choice of many standard letter styles & dynamic effects.


Our quality banners come with the option of grommets for ease of hanging, rod pockets for pole mounting or side pockets for parades. They are available in the standard white as well as many other colors. They are lightweight and easy transportable for a trade show booth or outside to advertise your sports, or a special event. Alternatively, if you are looking for a full color printed banner that will really jump then we can digitally print one from end to end.

Magnetic Signs

Car or truck magnetic signs allow you the flexibility to remove and apply your business advertising at any time. Our 100% magnetic vehicle signs are highly durable and a cost effective way to promote name recognition.

Storefront Signage

A powerful first impression can be achieved with high impact graphics at the store's entrance. Whether it's illuminated signs, window graphics or banners, signage should get the customers attention and draw them to your door step.

Overhead Lit Signs

Need a way to get your customer's attention even at night? We install all types of Illuminated signs including backlit lettering, Custom Illuminated Sign Cans. We have a team of professionals on hand for installation, assuring you timely completion of your project.

Intercel Signs

Thicker PVC boards are sometimes known as Intecel (brand name). Intecel can be used as a replacement to outdoor wood (MDO) signs because it weathers better than wood and it can be used on both sides. And it doesn't warp like wood can. It comes in thicknesses from 10 to 25mm.

Coroplast Signs

This is the most economical of all sign substrates. It is similar to cardboard in that it consists of two flat sides held apart by a series of ribs or flutes. The most common thickness is 4 mil (5/32) it also comes in 2.5 mil, 6 mil and 10 mil. It comes in a variety of colours.

Window Graphics

Utilize your window space with more signage. Computer cut graphics stand out boldly against a glass surface, increase your drive-by visibility.

Floor Graphics

Maximize your utilization of space with eye catching floor graphics. Emerald Expressions can easily print any image on pressure-sensitive vinyl and coat it with slip-proof clear laminate to protect it from heavy traffic. Floor graphics are easy to apply and can be removed with little or no adhesive residue.

A-frame Signs

Sandwich boards Also known as A-Frames. These are usually made of PVC Plastic or Wood. They are ideal for sidewalk signage and can thus withstand the elements. They are generally light and easily transportable. The most common size is 2 foot by 3 foot.

Another kind of A-Frame consists of just the frame made of metal. The Frame is made so you can slide a sheet of Coroplast or PVC into it. This makes the sign changeable at a moments notice.

Large Format Printing

We can print large format photo realistic indoor/outdoor quality prints, banners, window displays, perforation, vehicle logos, license plates, vinyl stickers and much more. We can even print fine art replicas or photos onto material like artist canvas.

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